Has God Spoken?

In this episode, Dr. Williams and I walk through the question of whether or not God has spoken and what that means for us as humans.

In this episode, Dr. Joshua Williams returns to continue a discussion on Hermeneutics and dive into the claim that the Bible is not applicable to toda...View Details

In this episode of the In Step With God podcast, Joshua Williams joins the show to discuss hermeneutics answering questions about what it is and how i...View Details

In this episode on the In Step With God Podcast Doctors Matthew Wilson, Ben Voth, and Steve Long return to discuss the ongoing situation in Ukraine an...View Details

Gen Z and Christianity

In this episode, Jacob Murrie joins the show to discuss his article 5 things that frustrate Gen Z Christians. We cover Serious thinking, Partisan Poli...View Details

In this episode, David Wolcott joins the show for a friendly discussion on the topic of Evidence, Reason, and language clarity between Academic and La...View Details

In this episode Adam and I have a casual discussion about, religion, science, and the problems of Anti-science circles in Christian culture. 

Afghanistan Round Table

In this special edition of the In Step With God Podcast, I am joined by 6 faculty members from SMU to tackle the question: What is a Christian respons...View Details

We Finished. In this last episode, I address Fault Lines as a total book, discuss chapter 11 and offer some commentary on an aspect of the book that s...View Details

In this episode, Zac Sechler and I team up to discuss our experiences with apologetics and how it has influenced our growth in the faith. You can find...View Details

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