In this episode on the In Step With God Podcast Doctors Matthew Wilson, Ben Voth, and Steve Long return to discuss the ongoing situation in Ukraine an...View Details

Gen Z and Christianity

In this episode, Jacob Murrie joins the show to discuss his article 5 things that frustrate Gen Z Christians. We cover Serious thinking, Partisan Poli...View Details

In this episode, David Wolcott joins the show for a friendly discussion on the topic of Evidence, Reason, and language clarity between Academic and La...View Details

In this episode Adam and I have a casual discussion about, religion, science, and the problems of Anti-science circles in Christian culture. 

Afghanistan Round Table

In this special edition of the In Step With God Podcast, I am joined by 6 faculty members from SMU to tackle the question: What is a Christian respons...View Details

We Finished. In this last episode, I address Fault Lines as a total book, discuss chapter 11 and offer some commentary on an aspect of the book that s...View Details

In this episode, Zac Sechler and I team up to discuss our experiences with apologetics and how it has influenced our growth in the faith. You can find...View Details

In this episode, I get a bit soap boxy. This was a super difficult episode to prepare for and it's visible. leave a comment and let's do some discussi...View Details

In this episode, I discuss the general structure of the end of Fault Lines and provide some analytical remarks about chapter 9 alongside some of my ow...View Details

In this special episode, I am joined by Shane Degan to discuss his testimony and perspective on Christianity in America vs Christianity in Australia. ...View Details

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