Fault Lines PT 5

Loved Chapter 3 of Fault Lines. This was an extremely well-put-together section of the book. 

Fault Lines PT 4

In this episode, I tackle Fault Lines Chapter 2 and reflect on various aspects of the book both theological and cultural. 

Fault Lines PT 3

In this episode I talk more about the purpose and mission of what fault lines is doing. Chapter 1 is a testimonial piece and I offered some reactions ...View Details

Apologetics in the Church

In this episode, recorded at Liberty Hill Baptist Church. I am joined by Pastor Marc Lambert and SMU student and personal friend Martin Bayazitoglu to...View Details

Fault Lines PT 2

In this episode, I review the Introduction to Voddie Bauchams Fault Lines and offer some insights on how Christians should approach its application to...View Details

Fault Lines PT 1

In this episode, I begin examining the first part of Voddie Baucham's book Fault Lines. In no way shape or form is this meant as an attack on him or t...View Details

Jay Medenwalt and Ashly Bartel join the show to talk about the role of personality tests in the process of discipleship alongside their positive and n...View Details

In this episode, I outline some of the things I struggle with in my faith even up to this day. I also reflect on a small piece of the sermon from my C...View Details

In this Episode, originally recorded for a small college Bible study, I am joined by Dr. Benjamin Voth an associate professor of Rhetoric at SMU.

In this Episode Mike Winter from CBMC joins us to discuss a few practical tips and helps dismantle some misunderstandings about what sharing the Gospe...View Details

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