In this episode, I get a bit soap boxy. This was a super difficult episode to prepare for and it's visible. leave a comment and let's do some discussi...View Details

In this episode, I discuss the general structure of the end of Fault Lines and provide some analytical remarks about chapter 9 alongside some of my ow...View Details

In this special episode, I am joined by Shane Degan to discuss his testimony and perspective on Christianity in America vs Christianity in Australia. ...View Details

This episode is largely a review/reminder/encouragement for those reading Fault Lines to try to maintain an understanding of the scope of the book and...View Details

Fault Lines PT 9

In this episode, I review Fault Lines Chapter 7.  Follow the podcast for updates in your email from your preferred Podcasting platform.

In this episode, Eric and I discuss his testimony, points of tension between Latter Day Saints and Christians, and conversation tactics for presenting...View Details

Fault Lines PT 8

In this Episode, I discuss chapter 6 of Fault Lines and talk about some general theology and concepts that are related. Finally back down to the 30-mi...View Details

Fear of The Bible

In this episode, I am joined by Alan Nelson, the founder of Black Sheep Apologeticsm, and we dig into different reasons people are sometimes afraid of...View Details

Fault Lines PT 7

In this episode, I review Chapter 5 of fault lines with some additional commentary on Chapter 4 in the beginning.

Fault Lines PT 6

In this episode, I cover chapter 4 of Fault Lines. This was rather difficult due to the content. 

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